The Stand-Up Way is a way of life where people are not afraid to stand up for the things they consider to be valuable, where people dare to share what they believe with others. It’s also a way where people listen to what others have to say and are willing to change or at least be critical of their own their point of view when it is not based on solid arguments. It’s about being able to admit to be wrong and daring to question things, even when the subject might be controversial. It’s not the easiest path and it can be very confronting at times. But for me it brings meaning to my life and it makes me a happier person.

It is my hope to create a community around this way of living. Who knows, one day we might have a manifesto or something. One thing I am sure of is that it will not be a list of hard rules to live by because everything has to be considered within its context. Driving on the right hand side of the road is fine in Belgium but living by that rule will get you killed in Australia.

Currently this site is just a blog but more will be added in the future. What I share here are my points of view. Feel free to challenge me on them if you feel like it.

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