Category: Technology & Society

Entering the Era of Psychological Warfare

This morning I came across an article that left me quite horrified. It also spurred a lot of questions. The article in question was about how your online data can be used to build an accurate psychological profile of you … and how that profile can be used to target you, as an individual with political propaganda....

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Computer says no: The case for AI supported governance

I recently read an article where mental health care professionals are looking into using big data to help them treat mental disorders. These people are smart enough to realize that they aren’t smart enough to unravel the complexities of what mental health issues exactly are and how they can best be treated. They figured out that,...

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Work, an endangered species

Work, for some a passion, for some a necessary evil, for some an illustrious prey that is hard to hunt down. When we think of work, most of us immediately think of paid work, although that’s not the only kind of work that exists. Think of all the volunteer work, the daily chores around the house, raising kids,...

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