Circular Money

In light of the question: ‘How do we steer this society in another direction?’ People have explored a number of possibilities, but I believe that it’s time to turn attention towards the perceived engine of the ship, namely the monetary system. Because, admit it, if we could have a couple of billion dollars available, creating change would become quite a bit easier! However, collecting a couple of billion dollars might take too much time and might require some unethical actions to get there quickly, therefor we need to look at another option: replacing the engine with a better one. Our current engine is leaking and using too much fuel anyway, and it has a tendency to negatively interfere with the steering system too. The Circular Money project is about constructing a new engine that will make it easier to stay on a constructive course.

It started a couple of years ago with the question: why is it so hard to solve our climate change problem? The answer to the question was: the design of our dominant currency system. Since then I’ve been looking for a better design which first culminated in an article and has now grown into a project that has started to lead its own life. To find out more about it, have a look at the Circular Money site or watch the presentation I did for DIF.

Another video to watch is the one by Michael Linton, the creator of the LET System.

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