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Universal Basic Income? Why?

A lot has been said about basic income. Let us for now put aside the question of how it can be paid for or whether or not it will destroy social security systems. Let’s ask a more existential question: should we give people an income for basically doing nothing apart from being alive? In our current...

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The nature of money – Part 2: The hidden costs

Have you ever been asked: How does your work contribute to society? What values does your product support? What is your impact? When you want to start a new business or design a new product, one of the first questions you will likely get is: what is your business model? Or in other words, how are...

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Je suis Charlie

I was shocked when I heard the news about the shootings in Paris. I have a very hard time to get my head around the fact that someone can be so offended by a mere cartoon that it sets them on a course to go out and kill the people who made them. And it makes...

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